Föderpreis für sozial engagierte Kunstprojekte
Premio per progetti d'arte nel campo sociale
Award for socially engaged art projects

The  benno barth award is a work and study grant for art projects that consciously and actively address social topics, experiment with various models and forms of expression in this field and promote critical awareness.

These days, artists are more mobile than ever and work on socially engaged art projects that are also present outside the art scene.As sensitive observers of a society that features ever-changing conditions, artists now more than ever cross the boundaries between the disciplines and discuss socio-political developments and processes in a way that is diverse and varied. To support this artistic engagement the House of Solidariety (HoS) in Brixen, in cooperation with the foundation benno barth, organizes  the benno barth award for artistic productions in the different places and with  various media as well as journeys necessary to realize such artistic productions.

The  benno barth-award is worth 15,000 euros and may be shared if required. After making their submissions, candidates are selected by a jury made up of members of the HdS, the bb-foundation and external experts.

The benno barth award was first allocated in 2016 and will be announced periodically.


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