Föderpreis für sozial engagierte Kunstprojekte
Premio per progetti d'arte nel campo sociale
Award for socially engaged art projects

During his lifetime, Benno Barth came up with the idea of establishing a foundation. He lived alone and had no children. His final wish was to transfer his property, assets and the resulting revenue to a foundation established for the common good. The goals of the foundation include the promotion of contemporary art and helping the needy. The promotion of contemporary art concerns young artists, whether in the production of works or in the funding of trips. Help for the needy is intended to go to people living in the Brixen area, if possible in anonymous fashion, who preferably receive no other help, without discrimination on grounds of race, background or religion.

The 'Benno Barth Foundation onlus' was established on 19.12.2007. The foundation is located in the basement of Stadelgasse 12. The archives and library of the founder are kept here.

The members of the 2016 foundation committee are Filippa Barth (President), Ivo Barth, Anna Barth, Brigitte Gasser, Josef Pichler, Marion Piffer Damiani. The supervisory board comprises Richard Burchia, Josef Prader and Peter Winkler.